What to do if you are exposed to rabies

Rabies was caused by the exposure of saliva and nervous tissue from the rabid affected animals. Rabies is affected to humans by the bite of the rabid animals. Other than bite, it is very rare to get rabies from the open wound or from saliva of the infected animal. It has the possibilities to be affected. Low and No Possibilities If you had bite from your pet or any animal that is undergoing rabid treatment or the animal is vaccinated you will not get rabid. If you have contact with saliva, blood, urine of these animals it will not be affected. If the virus is exposed to the sunlight and it dries out it will be noninfectious. High Possibilities If you eat raw meat of the affected animals or drinking unboiled (raw) milk of the rabid animals there is a high risk of getting affected by rabid. If the unknown animal bites you there is high risk in getting affected. Immediate Action If you have bitten by the unknown dog, you should immediately wash your bitten area by soap water then apply antiseptic cream and good to consult your doctor immediately. How to Prevent? It is always better to prevent

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