Training the dog – a Bond

Training the dog creates a bond between you and your dog. It is needed for your dog safety, obedience and for a good behavior. Teaching or training a dog include not only in training session, it last for whole day. Everything you speak is new to them. They will learn whatever you teach. Training begins from keeping name and calling him by his name. Obedience training includes sit, come and go, stay. You can start from this. Don’t forget to give the reward, always praise him immediately after he does the action you need. Don’t make it late. You can give a small treat when he does it that will encourage and make him happy. Do not praise or reward him when he does the action that you don’t want. Do not make late reward that will be wrong one for another action. While training do not be harsh or use loud voice, this will create negative impact on training. Your dog should love and be eager for the training session. Dogs are good learners; they can hear your voice clearly. Be keen and clear when you tell the word. Don’t use the different words for same action. For ex:

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