Constipation problems in dogs

Constipation problem in dogs is one of the major problems which are one of the root causes of all other diseases. If your dog intestine is not cleared, it may lead to gastric problem, skin problems, colon infections etc. This constipation problem may also turn to the life threatening problem, so pet carer should by careful and watch it. If your pet did not go stool for more than two days, you pet is undergoing the constipation problem. It seems to be uneasy, tried and may be painful. Causes of Constipation Lack of fiber in their diet and insufficient water intake is one of the main reasons of the constipation. Watch your dog is taking enough fresh and clean water. It is better to measure the quantity of water they are drinking. The other causes include lack of exercise, infections in anal glands, tumor in that area, due to medications given to the dogs, injury in nerves of colon or muscles and when swallowing some materials like cloth. Changes in dog diet may also the cause. When your dog does not go for stool for more than two days, it should be consider serious and taken to the Vet. When

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