Is Rottweiler and Doberman breed too dangerous ?

Usually all dogs is a good companion for humans. If trained improper, not taken much care every dog is dangerous. It depends upon the training and the dog owners. Rottweiler and Doberman breed Rottweiler dog is generally excellent in obedience and good in being with family. It is dangerous for strangers when they go near. It keeps his home guard always. It is very strong and powerful breed. It has lots of confidence and fearless dog. It is naturally a good and come breed, it becomes aggressive under poor training. Doberman is a breed which is very intelligent, obedient and easy to train. It is also a strong and guard dogs which is devoted to their owners and fearless. It also comes under most vigorous dog when it is under poor ownership or if it sees strangers coming near to it. These dogs needs more exercise, playing and will be active always. It requires lot of caring and time should be spent to them. These dogs are mostly suited for guarding the home and for rescue purpose. Many Insurance companies did not have insurance coverage for these 2 breeds and also some other breeds which treated as a most common

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