Prevent and reduce the risk of your dog bite

Children are the most victims of the dog bite than the adult. Especially the victims are the children who have the dog as pet in their house. To control the dog bite, the dog owners should take the appropriate steps.

Teach Your Children

First thing is don’t allow your children without any training. Kids under 6 should not be left alone with dog in any case. Don’t disturb your dog when it is sick or injured. Don’t disturb your dog while eating or sleeping. Don’t play with your dog more aggressively.

Don’t make any cruel action against your dog like pulling their tail, stretching their ears, etc. Don’t try to hug your dogs, this action will threaten them and it may bite.

If your dog or the stranger dog is supposed to run at you, do not move. Stand still like tree. Don’t shout. Be calm and tell them slowly and mildly to get away.

Train Your Dog

For the dog owners the first step in preventing the dog bite is Socializing your dog. Introduce more people to your dog. Make your dog to feel comfort in the crowd. Avoid strangers to go near your dog.

Don’t make the dog more stressful. Don’t shout at your dog if it is not responding you. Handle them kindly always. Train them how to behave and how to act. If your dog does what you are teaching, give him small treat or praise immediately.

It is better to train an aggressive and watch/guard dog by the professional trainer with proper techniques. All the family members must train the dog in the same way using same words.

Other important things

A responsible dog owner should Spaying or Neutering in the dog which will reduce your dog bite. It will reduce your dog roaming and it is less dangerous than the normal dog. It is best to do it at early stage when it was puppy.

Next thing is don’t forget to vaccinate your dog in proper time. Take your dog to regular veterinary checkup.

Prevent and reduce the risk of your dog bite