Police Arrest Owner of KILLER Dog in Ondo

A middle aged women was reported to be bitten and death by the dog. This dog owner Olanfingbote Afolabi was arrested one week after the incident by the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (CIID) of Onda.

Dog is suspected to be in police custody. The dog owner was arrested on 2nd August 2015.

The incident took place at Alade Idante one week before the arrest of the owner. It was reported that the lady was bitten several times before she was rushed to the hospital to safe herself. The hospital staffs reports that they took all measure to save her life in no use. The complaint was taken to the Alade Idante police station after her death.

Alade Idante police set a team for investigation and arrested the dog owner. In the inquiry with the dog owner it is found that the dog was not immunized.

The police official says the lady ran immediately to the hospital for treatment but the doctors could not save her life.
This was happened because of the lack of proper immunizing the dog. The state strictly ordered for the animal owners to undertake proper care and ensure to properly immunize their pet animals.

Police Arrest Owner of KILLER Dog in Ondo