World Rabies Day – September 28 – Rabies is a deadliest disease

In spite of rabies is a 100% vaccination prevention disease nearly 60,000 deaths occurs in a year throughout the world.

Particularly in Asian and African countries death rates are high. The people in rural and slum region are much affected by this.

Rabies is a deadliest disease if not taken any preventive action. The rabies is transformed to humans by the bite of rabid animals especially from dogs. It affects the central nervous system and slowly it affects the brain. Once the brain is affected the person gets inhumane and leads to death.

Rabies is caused only by the rabid animals. The dogs or animals which have rabid cannot identify at the early stage. It may take 12 days to 3 months to show the sign. The rabid virus enters the animal body slowly and affects the spinal cord and central nervous system and enters into the brain.

If it affects the brain, the dog shows signs such as the difference in barking, biting any moving objects, paralysis will be attacked, loss of appetite, fever and restless.

In last 2 to 4 days it shows all the symptoms and goes to coma and dies.

To eradicate rabies throughout the world ‘World Rabies Day’ was held every year on 28th September 2015.

The report says that developed countries have eliminated rabies. The 95% of the world rabies is from Asian and African countries where 160 persons die in a day. In India 35% of death occurs than any other countries. This worst situation must be changed and Rabies should be eradicated by the vaccination and by taking immediate action after the dog bite.

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