Motion sickness in dog breeds and solution

Some people has a motion sickness while traveling, they will have vomiting sensation and get vomited in long travel. Like that motion sickness in dog is very common; mostly young puppies have motion or car sickness than the adult one. Motion sickness causes vomiting, Diarrhea and in-activeness in your pet.

Why motion sickness is caused?

  • Your puppies/dog may not be familiar with the car traveling, they will get scared.
  • Dogs that travel only for visiting veterinarian once in six month or in a year will be unease and creates negative thoughts about car ride.
  • In your puppies ear structures for balancing will not be developed fully, so it causes nausea while travel.
  • In adult dog, if motion sickness continuous even after the several traveling consult your Vet for the treatment.

How to adapt your dog for car ridding?

Before going to a long ride, it is appropriate to train your pet for many short rides.

First make your dog stay inside the stationary car, then start the car. Continue it for one or two days. Then in third day, slowly move the car and stop it and encourage your pet for its behavior by giving treat. Next day further move your car for some distance in your area. This should be continued for several days. So now is time to ride your car for about 30 minutes. Like this way you can adapt your pet for car riding. If he is adapted then your dog gives a good companion for traveling even in train, bus or airplane.

While traveling always make comfortable arrangements to your pet that can reduce nausea and vomiting and motion sickness.

  • Vehicle should be air conditioned
  • Make your dog to watch outside
  • You can use carrier for your dog to feel them more secure
  • Can use natural remedies like flower essence drops which make them calm and reduce anxiety after consulting your Vet.
  • Avoid food and water before traveling
  • Give the toys for them to enjoy traveling

If you see your dog is not adapted and still has the motion sickness consult your Vet.

Motion sickness in dog breeds

Motion sickness in dog breeds
Motion sickness in dog breeds
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