Illegal killing of street dogs in Kerala

Kerala kills about 5 lakh dogs every year for the safety of their tourist. So the tourist and income of the state will be increased.

Recently 40000 animals were killed in the state. It is not new for them killing the dogs. It is followed for many years. It was reported in 2012, in one day 36 dogs were killed and 500 dogs were poisoned in one week.

This made the dog lovers to protest was held on 26th July 2015.  The world wide protest was made on this day. The Animal Welfare Board of India killing dogs is against the animal rights and it will be file in the Supreme Court.

‘Boycott Kerala’ movement was started and its online campaign is also set which needed 100,000 signatures to move to the court and put an end for this cruelty. So far only 50,000 signatures are obtained.

Is there is any right to kill the dog? Dog is also a living thing which has the rights to live on earth like human. If these poor dogs threat the people then humane steps should be taken to control it.

The increase in their population can be controlled by the sterilization method. After this process they will reduce fighting and biting, naturally and gradually there will be decrease in dog population. They can be adopted by the public or by organizations.
Kerala not only kills dogs, it also kills the Turtles, cows and buffaloes for meat. It was treated hardly and killed cruelly.

Illegal killing of street dogs in Kerala