How to feed a puppy? Best procedure

How to feed a puppy? It is a mostly asked question from all the dog owners.

In my knowledge, a new born puppy needs the mother milk up to 8 weeks. You can slowly introduce solid food from 3 weeks onwards with its mother milk. Mother milk is very important; it develops immune system well to fight against any infections.

Puppies needs about 3 – 4 meals a day. How much for each meals? It depends on your puppy; you should learn it from your experience. If you provide the food, when he eats fully give him some more, if he doesn’t eat more than 15 minutes reduce your food.

They required lots of water. Normally all dogs needs more water. If the amount of water reduce in their body may cause many problems to them. Give them clean and fresh water, this will reduce amount of bacterial infections and illness.

Normally give them puppy food with all nutrients that are available in the pet store. People food may or may not have all nutrients that are must for your pets.

Your puppies/dog foods are available in many forms, dried food, moisture food and canned food. Dry food is usually good for dog. It does not contain artificial or coloring agents with low sugar and fat. Moist food will be added with preservatives and added salt and sugar. The same in canned food also.

Moisture food and canned food contain more level of water than the dried food. When giving dried food you should provided puppies with enough water.

While giving treat, be cautious your treat should not exceed. It may cause obesity in your dogs/puppies.

Supplementary should not be given until your Vet advice.

Take to your Vet, and check their weight and conform your food diet is correct, if not ask your Vet suggestion.

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