how to care for my dog during pregnancy?

After breeding, 58-65 days is normal for the delivery stage. Mostly within 9 weeks you should be ready for receiving puppies. We can divide this pregnancy into 3 stages.

First 3 weeks, your dog will be looking tried, feeling nausea, morning sickness is seen in them. They try to take rest and won’t eat properly. Provide her comfortable place to take rest. Normal exercise can be done. Don’t give excess amount of food, normal diet is enough.

Second 3 weeks, from 4-6 weeks dog physic may change; slight bulge in her abdomen can be seen. Your dog will gain weight. You can increase food. You can add cheese cottage with low fat, boiled egg for more calcium with dog nutrient food.

Don’t give them more work; jumping, climbing, running vigorously should be avoided. Avoid strangers very often during your dog pregnancy period. Throughout her pregnancy it is better for her to be in rest.

In 45 days you can take her to your Vet and X-Ray will be taken to check out the fetus growth and find how many fetuses are there. Get your dog due date.

Last 3 weeks, from 7-9 weeks you can again increase your food with well balanced diet.

In last 10 days don’t give them food high in calcium like eggs, cheese etc.

In 9th week, check the temperature frequently because temperature falls 24 hours before the labor pain. Normal temperature of the dog will be 101 – 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. You have been noted your dog normal temperature before. Temperature may fall below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

During your entire dog pregnancy times don’t give her any medications without consulting your Vet.   Do not vaccine your pet during this period.

How long dog’s caring time?

Dog’s pregnancy time is almost 63 days from the date of mating. It may vary from 58-68 days depends upon the dog’s size and breed.

Signs of Dog’s pregnancy:

  • She will be not interested in eating, taking low food
  • She may have morning sick
  • Feeling Nausea
  • She will be less energetic and play less.
  • Her nipple changes in color and will become slightly big

After three weeks when you take her to Vet, they will assure pregnancy by testing them.

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how to care for my dog during pregnancy