How often can we breed the dogs?

How often can we breed the dogs? All dog owners should have enough knowledge about this topic.

Do you want to have healthy puppies? Do your puppies should have strong immune power? Do you want your dog to be healthy for a long period? Then you should be concerned about when you should start breeding and how often it should take place?

You can start your first breed from one and half to 2 years, it depends upon your breed.

Then to the next breed it definitely needed one to two years gap, so there will not be any problems to your dog or for the puppies.

Any responsible dog owners do not let her breed more often. It is best to stop from 3 – 5 times of their breeding.

Breeding the dogs should be responsible because, new puppies should be born without any fault and it should be the healthiest.

Before breeding check your dog, if there are any health issues or worms or any infections to them. Vaccinations should be given, if any.

If your dog is a registered one, then choose her mate which is also registered as a purebred.

Is your female dog mate with different breed?

This is definitely a worrying one to all dog owners. To which breed she has mated? If she mated with one that is very close to her breed with height, size and behavior that no need to much worry about. Puppies will be safer. It is better to consult your Vet.

In other case, if she mated with totally a different breed which varies in all aspects like height, size and all the characters it will surely creates problem your puppies. Many problems will be created. Fetus many not develop correctly. If it develops if may have problems in lungs, kidneys, liver and also in their shapes and structures.

You should not encourage this, immediately consult your Vet and proceed further.

How often can we breed the dogs
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