Health Tips to maintain your Dog and Puppy

just with simple line of tips….

1. Keep your Dog – Puppy SLIM.
Most of us like to feed our puppy to maintain fat to look cute or we may feel those are healthy standards, its NOT. Never feed your puppy with too much foods, avoid overfeeding. Divide feeding schedule atleast to 5 times a day with proper limited quantity. Which helps Dog – Puppy less intake every time and always playable without drowsiness.

2. Play or Exercise your Dog – Puppy.
Every Dog – Puppy need regular Exercise daily. If we are not able to give Exercise as per VET’s , we need to play with our Dog – Puppy at-least 3 hours per day. As long as your keep your Dog – Puppy active by taking them to walking or play ground, they will be more healthy as like us. It’s very

3. Avoid Toxic – Smokes – Expired items to Dog – Puppy.
As like human, we need to care more about our Dog – Puppy. Never smoke in-front of your pet animals. Also avoid Toxic items with your pets, which may lead severe issues. When we buy Dog – Puppy food items, always check for Manufacture Date with how long can we use the items with Manufacturer date and Expiry Dates printed on packing materials. Always use recent months food products.

4. Prevent from Ticks – Fleas
Ticks – Fleas are most dangerous Parasites which can plague your Dog – Puppy. Which leads to many kind of infections like Skin irritation, patch hair loss… Major issues with these Ticks – Fleas are if your dog swallow any one , it may lead to tapeworms. Consult VET’s immediately if your Dog – Puppy has Ticks – Fleas.

5. Dental care
Yes, Dental is very important to your Dog – Puppy. VET’s says daily brushing is best care or 5 times a week. Try to introduce this habit from puppy age and do not start immediately to adult dogs. Brushing adutl dog teeth should be very comfortable to them. If your Dog – Puppy patience lasts for few minutes and cannot complete all – do not worry, carry forward next day.