Dog taken toxicity substances – How to act?

Preventing is better than curing

Many things around us are likely to be poison to our pet dog. Such as medicines that we use, dog’s medications, alkaline substance in our home, acids, batteries, cleaners, plastic things, soaps, plants and many people foods are all poisonous things to your pet.

Always keep these things out of the reach of your dog. Keep these things safely always that your dog can not take that.

Always buy the plants that are not poisonous for your dog.

Keep your floor clean always.

Allow your dog to play in a safe place where there are no toxic products.

Don’t give any food which is toxic to your pet like chocolate, onions, grapes or raisins.

How to act when your dog swallowed these dangerous products?

Unfortunately, if your dog supposes to swallow any of these things you have to be ready with your First Aid Kit which contains medications that should be given as per your Vet advice and you should take him to the Vet Clinic.

Immediately when you find your dog has taken toxic material you should induce vomiting by giving him Hydrogen per oxide as directed by your Vet.

If he swallowed any alkaline like bleach or acid or petroleum based products do not induce vomiting, conduct your Vet as soon as possible.

Some materials may not be so toxic and results in diarrhea, vomiting and you can recover them by giving first aid. But many materials like alkaline, acids, cleaners, petroleum based products burns its mouth and stomach so before giving first aid always conduct you Vet. Inducing vomiting is not good here.

You must gather what type of poison does it taken. Collect it or take the container of the product, if your pet vomits collect that sample to show to your Vet. It makes easy for Vet to diagnose the poison and for quick treatment.

Dog taken toxicity substances – How to act?