Dog obesity problems and its causes

What are the obesity problems that are faced by dogs? The answer will be same as what human faces. Yes, all the problems that we face are also faced by dog due to its overweight or obese.

The causes of obese are due to over- eating and lack of exercise and activities. Dog owners should be very careful of obesity because it may cause various other problems in your pet like,

  • Abnormal insulin secretion and glucose level that result in diabetics
  • Your dog will get joint and knee pains
  • Breathing problems
  • Damage in bones
  • Heart or cardiac disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Immunity system gets weak

All these problems comes one by one and finally results in death. Your dog’s life span becomes short and it suffers huge pains.

Dog owners should be aware of these problems. They should take care about their diet and exercise at the early stage. Preventing is better than curing.

Apart from overeating and lack of exercise for dog obesity there are also other reasons like neutering, hormonal disorder, reduce in metabolism. But these can be overcome by their good diet and regular exercise.

Before the things get worst, dog owners can change the diet of their dog when he finds your dog is increasing his weight and you notice their physical change. They can give Food which is good in fiber and more water, less food and more exercise may correct their problem.

Dog owners should have the knowledge of normal weight that is called Body Mass or Body Condition Scoring (BCS) of their dog. Ask your Vet about their normal weight and maintain it to avoid obese in your dog.

Some studies says that Dogs are considered overweight when their body weight is greater than 15% than is normal and considered obese when their body weight is greater than 30% than the normal.

Dog obesity problems and its causes