Dog Eating Stones and Being Sick?

Dog Eating Stones and Being Sick? Are you worried about that.

Generally many dogs will be Eating stones and sand which has a number of reasons.

The main thing will be your dog has problem in its bowl. There may be a worm inside his stomach or it may be the sign of calcium deficiency in the diet or your pet will be anemic. Change the diet or consult your Vet.

Another reason is it may get boredom or carving. This is known as pica that is the dog not only eats stones and sands it may also eat various dirty things, rubber etc.

If your dog is doing so, try to change their concentration by giving something to eat that your pet likes, Give the toys to play (new toys if possible). Change its toys more often. Try to spend more time with your pet and playing with it may change its mind.

It may be very dangerous if it is doing regularly. Consult your Vet if there is not sign of change even after many changes you have done. If you find any stones or pebbles swallowed by the dog you immediately approach your Vet.

Dog Eating Stones and Being Sick