Dog Bite Treatment Procedures and Help

We need to have proper awerness for Dog bite treatment. Rabies is one of the infections causes by dog bites. It is evaluated that more than 18000 people are infected by human rabies every year in India. More than 50,000 people worldwide are the victims die annually due to rabies. Reference:

Emergency action for dog bite:

Immediately after the dog bite, wash that area with warm water. Allow bleeding for few minutes, this will prevent bacteria entering the wound. Take pain relief medicines.

In case of severe wound, excess bleeding or if you think it will be infectious immediately move to the clinic.

Infections in Dog bite:

Dog bite can cause Rabies and Tetanus from the bacteria which enter the wound. Tetanus affects your nervous system and muscles. Rabies is a viral disease that affects nervous system and attacks the brains which may lead to the death.

Rarely the dog bite may causes blood poisoning, damage in brain layers, infections in the layers of heart etc.

Mostly children are affected by dog bites than the adult from their own dog; they should be prevented from this. Never allow infants alone with your dog, Practice your children how to handle the dog and how to play with them. Vaccinate your dog in the slotted period.

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Dog bite treatment

dog bite treatment
Dog Bite
Dog Bite Treatment
Wash the Area of an animal bite thoroughly. A.D.A.M., Inc.
Dog Bite Treatment
Apply Pressure if bite is actively bleeding. A.D.A.M., Inc.