Delivery problems in dogs and What causes dog’s delivery critical?

After breeding, make sure your dog is pregnant by consulting your Vet. Your Vet will take x-ray in 45 days of pregnancy. From this he will tell about how many puppies are there. From 58 – 68 days your dog will give birth.

Be sure you have vaccinated your pet before breeding. Any infection in your dog may affect the fetus too. During pregnancy do not vaccinate your dog, it will affect the fetus.

Be sure that your dog is not overweight, because it will bring complications during delivery time.

Make a healthy diet for your dog after consulting your Vet.

Watch carefully the signs of labor pain in your dog.

  • Few days before the labor pain the vulva will be relaxed
  • There will be the drop of temperature in your dog. Note the normal temperature of your dog; it may be 101 to 102.5 f. Daily morning note the temperature.
  • The first stage of labor is your dog will be restless, will not take food; there will be the start of uterine contractions.
  • Next fetus will be pushed out by uterine contractions. The time to deliver next fetus, it may take 30-60 minutes.
  • Fetus tail or head may come out first, both are normal.
  • Be sure that all the fetuses are coming out.
  • Fetal membrane is also delivered every time.

What causes dog’s delivery critical?

  • Fetus may be over sized. If many fetuses are there, delivery will be easy. If one or two fetuses are seen, the delivery may get critical due to their size.
  • There will not be enough uterine contractions.
  • Abnormal positions of fetus.
  • If fetus occurs death inside.
  • Abdominal press is not efficient.
  • Puppies may stuck in the birth canal.
  • Instead of head, first leg may come outside and may stuck, this makes the critical situation where you should call Vet immediately.
  • After delivery, check the puppy breath. Gentle rub them until it takes the first breath.
  • If you see bleeding continuous for more than 10 minutes
  • If you see green discharge before delivery

Immediately call the Vet if any of these problems occurs.

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Delivery problems in dogs