can we give human medicine to dogs ?

Yes, We can but always consult your Vets before you start medication.

To my doggie I will give some of the human medicines which are harmless to them. I am giving this after consulting my Vet. I will keep some of these medicines readily where ever I go with my dog.

Always consult your Vet in giving the medications, but be ready with all medicines anytime like the First Aid box. Just seeing your internet for medications may get you into problems in case of medications.

You can try some of the home remedies that will not affect your dog in any case.

Diarrhea is most common in your pet; you can also do the home remedies like giving beaten egg white in case if your dog is not allergic. Carefully watch whether they are dehydrated and make them to drink enough water. You can add pumpkin in their dietary which acts on both diarrhea or in constipation problem in your pet.

See also Emergency First Aid for wound in dogs.

can we give human medicine to dogs