Best Dog Breed For Child

Many of you may be little confused about choosing/gifting right dog breeds for our kids, because our kids could stretch and pull their ears, tails etc., at any cost, it should not revert back to your kids.  In my experience and up to my knowledge, I have listed out some of the dog breeds which will be close and friendly to the kids.

Best Dog Breed for child

1. Bull dogs

Dog Breed for child
Bull Dog, Gobees Kennel.

Bull dogs grows to an average height of 12-16” and weights 50-55 lbs, according to Dog Breed Info. It is energetic; it can play well with kids which makes a great companion to them. It will be calm and also courageous breed. To know more about this breed click here Bull Dog Breed & Breeder Information

2. Beagle

Best Dog Breed for child
Beagle puppies

I’m not much familiar with Beagle but I analyzed that these breed is mostly used for hunting purpose and also attached to families. Since its toy breed, it can easily accommodate anywhere and also love playing with kids.  As like kids, it never tried playing, always active. Usually Beagle used to be very friendly with everyone and also easy go with other pet animals like Cats and so. To know more about this breed click here Beagle Breed & Breeders Information

3. Golden Retriever

Best Dog Breed for Kids
Golden Retriever Puppy
Dog Breeds for Kid
Golden Retriever Adult Dog

It is a sporting breed which is very energetic, active and it love playing with the kids. It is extremely patience and makes service to their masters. It is closely related to Labrador. To know more about this breed click here Golden Retriever Breed & Breeders Information

4. Labrador Retriever

Labrador breed best with kids
Labrador Retriever Puppy
Labrador Retriever kids Dog breed
Labrador Retriever Dog

Labrador and Golden Retriever are similar breed. It will be a better choice for kids. It is very active and plays well with kids. Its obedient and intelligent makes us wonder and joyful. To know more about this breed click here Labrador Retriever Breed & Breeders Information

5. Poodle

 Best Dog Breed for Kids
Poodle Dog Breed

Here standard poodle is a good choice than the small breed. It shed their hair very little than the other breed which is good for children.  It is smart and caring dog that can be a good partner with the child.

6. Pug

 Best Dog Breed for Kids
Pug Puppy
 Best Dog Breed for Kids
Pug Dog breed with Puppies

Pugs are playful, friendly and loves being with companion.  Pugs are very playful and good partner for children. But Children should be careful while playing with it because Pugs are prone to eye injuries.
To know more about this breed click here Pug Breed & Breeders Information