A better future for stray dogs

The stray dog population

The stray dog population is a huge crisis that all the developing countries face. The stray dog population management is essential in all these countries. It may reduce the abuse and killing of dogs.

Government should take steps in this process. The Dog owners can adopt the stray dog as in the Europe. In the Europe countries many dog owners adopt the dog which is old and sick. This may be because they try to give them good food and comfort at least for a few days they live.

Dog owners should come forward to adopt the dog which is sick or old. The stray dog can also be taken care by the government organization.

According to World Health Organization Total dog Population is 1/10 of human and 75% of them are stray dogs.

Where do Stray dogs live?

Stray dogs in the rural and garbage collected areas where it can find enough food to survive. So it is most seen in Indian villages and towns.

So stray dogs are rare in the developed nation where the streets are clean. Some stray dogs can be seen which is once kept as pet and left by the dog owners. These dogs are taken care in the homage by that government or by the private organization.

Village people keep them as pets. Stray dogs are said to be survival as long as human being survived.

Control Measures

For controlling the dog population mass killing of dogs took place for so many years. Nearly 50,000 dogs were killed every year. But this control measure is of no use. The dog population is still increased every year.

This method was practiced in order to control the dog population and also to eradicate humane rabies. But this method has failed due to increase in dog population and there is no control in rabies too.

What is the reason for failure?

The rabies is caused by only rabid dog. The healthy dogs are removed and rabid dog was left behind.
More over the left stray dogs can able to multiple themselves rapidly.
So this control measure was stopped in 1994.

Alternative Method

Instead of killing the dogs, the alternative method to control the dog population is sterilization. Neutering and spaying the dogs will make in decrease of dog gradually.

Both male and female dogs should be sterilized.

It will reduced mating and controls birth of dogs. The dogs will not be aggressive so no fighting occurs.

The dog usually will not allow any dog in its region, so this will also reduce their fighting.

It will also reduce the rabid bite from other dogs. It will control biting the humans and leads to the rabid control.

This can be achieved over the period of time and it is the best alternative method for the dog population control. This will lead to a better life of the stray dogs.

The research is going on sterilizing the dogs without surgical method. It may be by the food or by medication dogs can be sterilized and can be done in one dose.

Many experts say Calcium Chloride solution will be an effective way of sterilizing the animals. That may take no pain, little effort and time consuming without any side effects.

a better future for stray dogs