Why Dog always licks me

Way of Love and Happy, draws your attention

It often licks you to show its love and affection. It will bring you happy when you are very close to your pet.

While licking it may feel relaxed, relieve stress and happy.

Other thing for licking you is to draw your attention to him. When you come home living your dog, it licks you to ask something. It is the way of communication.

The dog licks another dog for the partnership. The puppy licks its mother for food. The mother licks her puppy to show her love.

Licks for Taste

But some people usually avoid licks of dogs because it may lick you for the salty taste of yours and also for the perfume you are using. It licks you in your hand legs and other parts of the body.

Licks in Wounds to Clean and Cure

Next it may lick when they are feeling bad with their wounds, when it is itchy. Bacteria present in their saliva acts as a good medicine to cure the wound.

Licking your wound or injured area can get cured quickly.

It may lick in other area in their body. This is to keep them clean.

Stress or Boredom, Allergies, Infections

When you see your dog continuously licking the same area it may be the sign of  stress or boredom. It may also be the Allergies or Parasite infections or Hot spot or Dry skin.

It is better to consult your Vet for this behavior.

But continuous licking should be avoided and to be stopped. Train them not to lick you very often. If not possible consult your Vet to change their behavior.

Licking the objects, floor or metals

Licking the objects, floor or metals often may be the symptoms of boredom or anxiety. It may be sign of the any vitamin deficiency in your dog. It may be the sign of any illness or disease in your dog. Consult your Vet as soon as possible.

Why Dog always licks me