Save Millions of Stray Dogs in Indian Streets

World Health Organization States, Indian streets are the home for 30 million stray dogs according to the report in 2012. Report says that about 20,000 people are dying every year due to the Rabies. It is more than one third of globally affected people.

This Rabies is a deadliest virus caused by the saliva of the rabid animals. It is affected from the bite or with the close contact with the rabid infected animals.

If the population of the dog is not controlled it will lead to the worst situation. Already it is out of hand to control the dog population. Government has taken the sterilization method a decade ago but it is not active. The same budget is allocated even now to preceding the process.

Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) is insisting Government to allocate funds for the dog census and for the sterilization process. The AWBI states the budget allocation is very low to sterilize the dog that risen to 30 million over the time.

The health minister recently introduced the pilot project for mass sterilization and vaccination in Haryana. If the project goes successfully then it will be implemented in other states says Health minister.

Stray dogs are found in almost all the public places in India. Most people are affected by this condition. Especially many children are death due to dog bite. We have to join hands to struggle against this worst condition.

Enough funds should be allocated by the government. Active steps should be implemented. Dogs should be caught in humane manner. Each and every Stray dog should be taken and sterilized and vaccinated in proper manner. These steps will make the India free from Rabies.

Save Millions of Stray Dogs in Indian Streets