Potty training in dogs


Potty training should be started from the puppy. It is easy to train them. Some puppy grabs easily and be trained in a short period. Some may take long period of about 6 to 8 months.

•    While training, do not shout at him, tell it in a normal voice but use the same word every time.
•    Frequently carry him to the toilet place. Your puppy will require taking him out for every 40 to 60 minutes. Within short time after having food or drinking water he wants to go for toilet. In Morning and before sleep he should be taken out.
•    Praise him every time doing it in correct place.
•    If any accidental mistake is done, do not shout, scold, punish or scare him. Puppies do not have urine or bowel control. When he is potting in wrong place immediately run to him and take him to the right place.
•    You should note whether he has got the sensation in him and carry him to the right place. You should watch him keenly.
•    If he wants to go, he will be abnormal. Roaming here and there, barking etc will be the signs. Pick him to the potty area and be near to him patiently until he finish and praise him.
•    Regular feeding your puppy will make easy potting at correct time.

Gradually, puppy will develop the instinct and know where he should go and where he should not. Stability and Patience is important things in training a puppy.

If a trained one is still doing the mistakes there may be the cause of medical problem in your puppy like urinary infections, intestinal problems and other problems. Changes in diet is also the cause. Consult your Vet in this situation.

Potty training in dogs