How to control excessive Barking in Dogs ?

Barking in Dogs is a natural thing. There are many reasons for barking.

Your dogs barks when they are happy or playing. If they hears the unusual voice or threatens they will begin to bark. They barks when seeing stranger entering your house. Sometimes when they feel ill or boredom they will bark continuously.  If they hears other dogs barking or making sound, your dog may start barking. In order to draw your attention your dog may continuously bark. Whatever the reason may be excessive bark should not be encouraged, it should be controlled.

You have to find out the correct reason why he is barking and solve the problem.

It is better to train your dog in the early stage of puppy; your puppy will learn quickly whatever to teach them. Teach him to bark and when it happens teach him to be ‘quiet’. Practice him again and again; when he does it correctly give the treat immediately. So that he can understand the purpose of treat and he will follow this.

If your dog excessively barks, he feels boredom. At that time pleasantly tell to be ‘quiet’ or engage him in other activities. Make him to laid down near you or take him to play or walk.

Sometimes he purposely barks to reveal your attention. In this case, you should not look at him or give any attention to him. Just ignore him and get away from him. Don’t shout at your dog, it makes your dog still barking. After when he stops barking praise him or give him treat. This will change your dog attitude.

Notice if your dog is barking due to pain or sickness. Consult your Vets and get the advice.

How to control excessive Barking in Dogs ?