How to choose best Dog boarding kennel for your pet

Dog Boarding Kennel
Many of us go out of town for business/personal trip and we must find someone to care such as Dog Boarding Kennel. Since we cannot carry our pet animals for any kinda trip, we need someone to give good care to them and also peace of mind for our trip.

Simply we cannot leave our pet animals in any boarding, we need to check few things before boarding. To be frank, few Dogs definitely feel Boarding is a real stress. Pet animals are most likely our kids and they don’t suit to new place without us.

Choosing Best Dog Boarding Kennels

– Do not blindly board your pet animals without knowing about it.
– Ask friends or neighbors who already used known Dog Boarding Kennel
– Check the Kennel facilities and Smell free
– Check for proper ventilation in each cage or dog room
– If opted for AC rooms, check room temperature conditions
– Ask them Feeding schedule
– Check for near by available Vet veterinary services, in-case of emergency
– Resting boards and floors neatness
– Try to opt only Vegetarian foods and Branded Dog Supplementary
– Few kennels have IP camera, request them if they have. You can watch during trip.
– Your Pet must be properly vaccinated before leaving to Dog boarding, which will help avoid infections.
– Strictly tell them not to use for Mating.