Dangerous Dog diseases which harms humans

Leptospira Bacteria Dog licks the human to show their love and affection, for their bitter taste, to draw their attention etc. Pet owners likes the licks from their pet and enjoys it. There is a dark side in the licks. This friendly lick can transform the dangerous bacteria Leptospira and cause kidney diseases in both human and their pets. This was found by the veterinarians of King County, Washington. Most cases were seen in this state. Most of the dogs were dead due to this illness. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says bacteria can be spread from their pets by the swimming in the infected water, poor sanitation etc. Some experts say it can be spread by simple licks. Plague Infected Dog in US The report from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a plague infected dog spreads the diseases to 4 Colorado residents. Plague is rare in dogs it is mostly affected on cats and prairie dogs. This American pit bull terrier is affected by pneumonic plague which is spread to dog owner who also admitted in hospital and recovered in 23 days from this deadliest disease. The veterinarian workers who took care of dog were

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